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  核心提示: 谈及武侠,大家想到的就是江湖,那里有世间最豪情的一腔正气,有年少时的策马狂啸纵情高歌,有世间不平事时的拔刀相助,有不问出处的肝胆相照。而这样江湖的则当...

谈及武侠,大想到的就是江湖,那里有世间最豪情的一腔正气,有年少时的策马狂啸纵情高歌,有世间不平事时的拔刀相助,有不问出处的肝胆相照。而这样江湖的则当属金庸,凡谈到金庸武侠,那令人印象最深刻的作品莫过于《天龙八部》。在广泛的武侠IP中,最成功的改编游戏应该算是同名网游《新天龙八部》了。十年的经典武侠IP,十年的热血江湖路, 《新天龙八部》缔造了一个宏大的世界,基于原文学IP之上,丰富了新的故事。Talking about martial arts, everyone thought that the rivers and lakes, there is a healthy world the sentiments of the cavity, a youth horse Kuangxiao indulge in singing, in an injustice when there do not ask the source of the draw a sword and render help in perfect sympathy with each other. And such rivers and lakes are Jin Yong, and all of the most impressive works of Jin Yong's martial arts are "eight parts of the Tianlong". In a wide range of martial arts IP, the most successful adaptation game should be the same name for the net Tour "the eight new Tianlong". Fifty years of classic martial arts IP, ten years of hot blooded Jianghu Road, "new dragon eight" has created a magnificent world, based on the original literature IP, has enriched the new story.

新天龙十年,也在不断架构更立体的游戏体验为IP增值。在诸多游戏试水影游联动的大背景下,新天龙也正在酝酿新的动作。除了与新丽传媒合作拍摄影视剧之外,还联合搜狐视频、亿奇娱乐推出自制网剧《拜见宫主大人》。此次入局影游联动可见新天龙十年端游在IP布局上的野心,这也标志着其进入全新品牌拓展阶段。The new dragon ten years, also in the continuous architecture of a more three-dimensional game experience for IP value added. Under the background of many games, the new dragon is also brewing new movements. In addition to cooperation with the new Laguna media film and television drama, is also a joint Sohu, billion odd video entertainment launched homemade network drama "meet the Lord of the bride". The entry into the game shows the ambition of the ten - year tour of the new dragon in the layout of IP, which marks its entry into a brand new brand expansion stage.





强大IP基础 全新影游互动体验

这部基于玩家故事改编的网剧《拜见宫主大人》,结合了虚拟现实和穿越的要素。主角秦斩,穿越到了自己玩了10年的《新天龙八部》游戏世界。三次元玩家与二次元角色,实现顺畅转换。网剧中既融合了游戏本身的NPC、副本,玩家熟悉的梗,又吸纳了时下流行的搞笑桥段,配合古装进行了多元素混搭。虽然走的是轻松喜剧反套路路线,但它仍然倡导了武侠精神,比如为你与世界为敌、兄弟情义、师徒情深等等。Today recommends the server:
Double line [one dream ten years]

A new interactive experience in a powerful IP base
The story of the drama network game player "meet" based on the combination of the Lord of adults, and the elements through virtual reality. The protagonist Qin chop, through to play for 10 years of the "new Tianlong eight" game world. Three meta player and two sub role to achieve smooth conversion. In both the network integration of the NPC, a copy of the game itself, the game player with stems, and absorbing the popular comedy plot, with the mix of elements of costume. Although it is a comedy routine anti route, but it is still advocated martial spirit, such as you and against the world, brotherhood, love and etc..




新天龙十年,作为一个成熟的大IP,具备完整的世界观,同时拥有相对稳定的受众群体,注册用户超过2亿,承载着多少人的武侠梦。十年之间,在原有的原著文化上,这款游戏有了自己的生命力,衍生出了独特的用户文化和丰富故事。提到新天龙,不仅仅是乔虚段,还涌现了非常多的玩家代表人物。这本身就为影视剧的创作提供了基础保证。It is not so much as the feast of the interaction of shadow travel, it is better to say it is an interactive experience. The cross-border cooperation between the new Tianlong and the derivative network drama is different from the previous ones. It did not adopt the form of synchronous development, but realized the deep meaning integration.
In the past ten years, new Tianlong as a mature IP has a complete world outlook, and has a relatively stable audience. More than 200 million registered users are carrying the martial arts dream. In the past ten years, in the original original culture, the game has its own vitality, deriving unique user culture and rich stories. The new dragon, not only Joe, but also a great number of player representatives. This itself provides a basic guarantee for the creation of film and television dramas.



IP价值的使用和提升,不仅仅是“换皮”操作或简单翻拍,此次延展,是更丰富更有肌理的重塑。从IP核心价值观的统一,到整体节奏步调的吻合。这次的跨界合作,契合度很高。在观影的同时,重温游戏情怀,自然而然形成代入感。The use and promotion of IP value is not only a "skin change" operation or a simple remake. This extension is a more rich and more physical remolding. From the unity of the core values of IP to the pace of the whole rhythm. The cross boundary cooperation is very good. At the same time, look back on the mood of the game, and naturally form a sense of substitution.
Deep blending to create excellent works

深度互融 打造精品之作


对于一部作品来说,除了拥有强力的发行渠道和充足的广告费,更需要有独特的亮点和市场痛点,口碑是衡量一部作品的标准。The successful interaction of tourism and tourism should create new contents for IP, reach more users, expand fans, interact with video and games to achieve the effect of "1+1>2".
For a piece of work, besides having strong distribution channels and adequate advertising fees, it needs unique highlights and market pain. Word of mouth is a standard to measure a work.




在各方的努力下,这部剧确实也收到了受众的一致好评,2周播放量破亿,截止大结局前,播放量突破4亿;豆瓣电影评分一路稳步上涨,达到7.3分;百度电视剧风云榜榜单前4。作为影游互动的初步试水作品,这个考卷得到了不错的成绩。The shape of the classical martial arts wind, the matching angle and the group performance are also the opera essence
"Meet the Lord the bride" of this novel from the script to the details of costume are critical considerations of collocation, special effects and more sophisticated production. In order to cater to non new dragon game users, we have joined the familiar stalks and fresh laugh points in the plot to achieve the new knight errant in the new dragon game. The old combination of feelings and the new era. Not only take care of the original users, but also take into account the new audience of view, so that the two circles can be integrated, interactive and rising.
Thanks to the efforts of all sides, the drama has also received the praise from the audience. The amount of plaything in the 2 weeks has been broken by 100 million. Before the end of the final, the volume of the play has exceeded 400 million. The score of the watercress movie has been steadily rising to 7.3 points, and the top 4 of Baidu TV drama list. As a preliminary water test, the examination paper has got a good result.





《新天龙八部》十年,在满足用户诉求的同时,坚持以用户为导向进行适度引导和元素丰富,也给玩家环境和条件进行自我创作,同人创作,使这个IP获得全新的生命力,实现增值。Now many companies have begun to try the integration of industrial chain, from industrial competition to complex competition, shadow travel linkage will also upgrade to shadow interaction, break the industrial boundaries and enter the pan entertainment three dimensional development. Or, it's not only game, film and television, but also the form of participation, including novels, animation, peripheral derivatives and so on. We should carry out multi dimensional deep tillage to maximize the value of IP. The new dragon also made more attempts on the path of continuous exploration.
In the past ten years, "new dragon eight" has been guided by user orientation, guided by elements and enriched by user orientation. It has also created self creation for players' environment and conditions, creating IP's new vitality and value added.

新天龙八部,泛娱之路,拜见宫主大人,传奇私服:新天龙八部,泛娱之路,拜见宫主大人,传奇私服 新天龙八部,泛娱之路,拜见宫主大人,传奇私服:新天龙八部,泛娱之路,拜见宫主大人,传奇私服
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